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The Regional Transportation Authority has shown results.

The RTA benefits everyone. Residents, businesses and visitors alike benefit from the $1.9 million dollars worth of regional transportation improvements due to reduced congestion, improved safety and mobility, increased travel options, and new economic development activity along project corridors.


Building for Tomorrow is committed to educating and advocating for RTA Next, the Regional Transportation Authority’s 20-year regional transportation plan. Regional investment and partnering remain critical to delivering effective multimodal transportation projects that benefit all in our community. ​

Since 2006, the Regional Transportation Authority has been able to:


Intersection Improvements


Miles of sidewalks and 366 miles of bike lanes implemented



crossings created


New roadway
corridors created



Bus pullouts


$2 billion+

Economic benefits expected to generate

The Regional Transportation Authority Tackled Street Congestion

  • Over 200 new lane miles to expand traffic capacity and reduce congestion have been laid throughout Pima County by committing $1.1 million in projected budgets. 

  • The corridor got bus pull-out improvements, upgraded bike lanes, and proper drainage infrastructure.

The Regional Transportation Authority Has Created Economic Benefits Across Pima County

  • By improving transit services, the RTA expects to generate over $2 billion in revenue over the course of the 20-year plan. 

  • This will include increased transit frequency at bus stops along with expanded evening and weekend services.


The Regional Transportation Authority Has Implemented Multi-use Paths

  • Delivering on its promise to voters, the RTA allows people to choose transportation priorities, such as other modes of transportation. 

  • This includes adding multi-use paths throughout the city of Tucson – such as building new bike lanes and pathway improvements.

Resolution of Support

We are committed to working with the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) of Pima County to build support for plan development and voter approval of a new 20-year, $2.3 billion regional transportation plan initiative.


The continued funding of regional transportation improvements will benefit the region’s long-term economic vitality by improving regional mobility and accessibility to enhance the region’s quality of life, business climate, and future growth and development. A new RTA plan and continued tax will build on the transparent and accountable governance of the RTA through long-established regional collaboration.


We believe all governing bodies must continue to respect the will of the voters and honor promises made in the past and the future.


We believe a successful regional transportation plan can only be achieved through sincere unity on common ground and consensus of desired outcomes.


We believe that to successfully compete for future economic development opportunities, which can bring quality jobs and long-term revenue to all communities in our region, the RTA is a critical and flexible transportation funding source all regional stakeholders should support to meet our ongoing transportation needs.


As an organization financially vested in the region, we support development of a new RTA plan to enhance the prosperity of all communities in our region, including the region’s transportation and business stakeholders.

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